Welcome to G.R.E.A.T.'s Board Section

Quarterly Board Meeting Dates

January 30, 2014 – Winter Quarterly Meeting
April 10, 2014 – Spring Quarterly Meeting
July 17, 2014 – Summer Quarterly Meeting
November 20, 2014 – Fall Quarterly Meeting

Board Member Directory


Elaine Lickers
Started 1999
Email: gmlickers@rogers.com


Peggy Logan
Started 2007
Email: plogan3@hotmail.com


Paula Whitlow
Started 2013
Email: pwhit@execulink.com


Carl Hill
Started 2014
Email: carlhill@sixnations.ca

Leroy (Jock) Hill
Email: resource@execulink.com

Wayne Hill
Started 2000
Email: pwjhillsr@gmail.com

Ashley Johnson
Started 2013
Email: ajohnson@dahac.ca

Helen Miller
Started 2013
Email: helenmiller@sixnations.ca

Philip Monture
Started 2013
Email: phil@nativelands.info

Paula Whitlow
Started 2013
Email: pwhit@execulink.com

Elijah Williams
Started 2017
Email: elijah@greatsn.com

Board Policies

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  •   1.888.218.8230
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  •   info@greatsn.com