The Employment Supports Program is designed to provide supports necessary for individuals to enter or re-enter the labour market or to maintain employment.

Employment Supports may be used to cover costs, including but not limited to:
• Purchase of work clothes
• Certification and testing
• Equipment (e.g. safety glasses)
• Bus tickets
• Driver’s license
• Bus fare or day care on a limited/emergency basis
• Other costs that are determined as eligible
• Birth Certificates
• Social Insurance Numbers
• Criminal Records Official Pardon

Program Details


To qualify for the Employment Support Program, participants must be:
• An unemployed or underemployed member of Six Nations of the Grand River, who is actively seeking employment.
• Individuals who do not have access to employment supports elsewhere.
• Registered with Grand River Employment and Training.


• Prior approval is required from the PSO and the appropriate Team Leader.
• Receipts or a minimum of two quotes are required, before a cheque is issued.
• A letter of offer/employment must be provided.
• Client must have made appointment within 2 weeks of starting employment



Program Supports

An employment support allowance up to a maximum of $500 may be provided twice per fiscal, if required, for a total of $1,000.